Our pontoon boat is available for guests to rent at a special rate of $1000 per week.

In an effort to answer the question "Where can I rent a boat," which inevitably comes up when planning a trip to Northern Michigan, we have decided to make our pontoon boat available for rent. 

We’ve checked out everything in the area and these are the rates to rent a pontoon for a week:

Macdonald's Marine $1800
Glencraft Marina $1675
American Boat Rentals $1500
Lake Marine $1395
Crystal Lake Marina $1200

Now we’re sure there are subtle differences from one place to the next, in addition to charges for delivery, etc.  If you want to check out these places we’ve include the links for you to do so.

Our weekly rate of $1000 is a special offer just for our guests. We wanted to make sure that everyone who stays at the Platte Lake Lodge has the most fun possible at a reasonable price.